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CEPEDA is an innovative company, integrated by professionals with great experience in the manufacturing sector of the metal packaging industry; our products are reliable and technically superior to those in the market.


Our mission is: to design, manufacture and sell machinery for the metal packaging industry. .


Our products and services have benefited customers worldwide who have trusted the way we do business based on providing the highest quality of products and service.


The extensive training of our team together with the applied technical support allows CEPEDA to be number one in technology in our sector


Our goal has been, since the beginning of our history, to give a quality answer to the applications that are arising in our industry, without forgetting the competitiveness and the needs of our customers, which should be an essential attribute of any product we put on the market.
Our customers appreciate this.

 Our commitment with quality and technological development. 

The CEPEDA management declares its intention to achieve the greatest satisfaction of their customers and employees, and its commitment to develop and deploy a quality management system and R & D (research and development) in continuous evolution reflected in the following points:

  • Correctly identify the needs of the customers and maintain a quick reply capacity, maintaining at any moment a good quality service.
  • Always providing innovative products and services of high proven quality.
  • Increasing the effort destined for research, development and innovation as the keystone of the Company.
  • Promoting a policy of protection and exploitation of the results obtained as a consequence of our management processes for R & D (research and development).
  • Maintaining a high level of innovation in the development of our products and services under a system of continuous improvement.
  • To achieve a general satisfaction of the company’s staff, ensuring their full commitment for the benefit of the organization, promoting an atmosphere of participation among employees, integrating them in the common aim, improving the communication that smoothes the progress of teamwork, supporting the individual recognition and encouraging the suggestions of improvements.
  • Looking for national and international cooperations and suppliers that allow us to offer majors benefits to our customers.
  • Reinforcing our technology bases with the primary aim of contributing to the European framework for innovation.

To ensure development in this key sector of the packaging industry is continued, CEPEDA and MELTOG (UK) has combined their expertise to form a joint company ensuring that both new and existing customers enjoy an unparalleled level of customer service and the supply of turnkey and stand-alone equipment of the highest quality and reliability.

Under this new venture called CEPEDAMELTOG, the engineering will take place in the UK with manufacturing, assembly and spare parts being supplied from Meltog’s manufacturing facility with new sales, after sales, finance and administration being managed from Madrid.



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